The Targa Time Trial is a new product following on from the initial ‘test run’ with a limited field of Vintage Car Club members in 2018. The success of this has driven us to open this product up to a wider variety of vehicles and while there will still be a section for VCC members anyone who want to come an ‘exercise’ their pride and joy can now do so in a controlled environment that harks back to the origins of Targa where average stage speed is the name of the game.



The goal is to test your driving skills without the stresses of full on racing and thus allowing you to enjoy your car the way the engineers designed it in a closed road environment called ‘Special Stages’. All vehicles need to be road registered and you travel the same route as the Targa Competition vehicles reading a Targa Road Book. The aim is to maintain an average speed through each special stage and there are two speed group to enter. If this sounds like you then come and be part of the Targa Family.